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You can now pay on the spot
From today we are accepting Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards. Every driver can take EFTPOS payments and issue a receipt instantly. We still continue to accept cheques, EFT and cash payments.
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We made it to the front page
It is been an absolute pleasure to have the chance for a interview with Canberra Times. Few of the topics we discussed were the start of the company, how we keep up with the customer base and our opinion on the online platforms. [Photo: Elesa Kurtz]
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Canberra - Sydney - Canberra delivery and removal
We have truck going to Sydney from Canberra every Tuesday early morning. If you require to send something to Goulburn or Sydney, please let us know. Pick ups from Canberra should be done by Monday evening. Delivery in Sydney on Tuesdays. Sydney`s pick ups will be distributed in Canberra on Wednesday. For more information or specific load please contact us.
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Safety first
As this job often involves heavy lifting and dangerous items, we want to ensure everything is secured. From our staff members, to the goods in transit. That is why wearing personal protective equipment is compulsory for all of our employees. Every truck is regularly tested and fire blankets, fire extinguisher, ropes, automated lift and trolleys are always on board.

Did you know?

Sometimes our director is a driver too.

Working over 10 years in this industry he just can't resist and try the newest truck and make a delivery or two by himself. Additionally, every new vehicle needs to be approved by him before is ready for the road. Even the smallest dirt on the tyres must be removed so all the trucks look representative. Our executive is a role model for all the drivers and has set an example of a person who knows how to manage things.

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At REM ACT we care about the environment

At RemAct we care about the environment picture As the number of vehicles is constantly increasing new measures need to be taken in favour of the environment. According to the ABS( Australian Bureau of Statistics ) only in Australia there is 2.1 % annual growth in the number of cars and 4.3 % increase in the number of light rigid trucks. This means that in 10 years from now the amount of light trucks will be almost 50 % higher.

At Rem Act we know that this means more air pollution. That is why all of our vehicles are Euro V compatible and meet the highest possible emission standards. They are all matching ADR 80/03 Standard (Australian Design Rule 80/03 - Emission Control for Heavy Vehicles).

We also use environmentally friendly bubble wrap made with low density Polyethylene resins with HCFC & CFC free gasses. On top of being 100% recyclable, they are non-abrasive and chemically inert, making them an ideal all-purpose packaging solution.

Nature provide us with clean air, clean water, breathtaking landscapes and much more. We should all look after the environment and do what we can to prevent pollution.

Our vision

  • Storage
  • Port Bonded Warehouse
  • Shipping to China
  • Shipping to Indonesia
  • Shipping to Europe
  • Worldwide Delivery